August 6, 2010 Training Status

Alamaden Quicksilver Park Near Hicks Road

I’m finally getting back to my workout regimen after two weeks in Ohio (my niece, Laura’s, graduation from medical school), two weeks in New York (helping my daughter, Jennifer, with her latest art show) and a month of babysitting my grandson Oliver in California. Whew.

I bought a new bike for the trip because my older mountain bike had major problems. I thought a large (29 inch), hybrid (road/mountain) bike would provide a better platform to undertake the trek West from New York. So far I’m pleased. I transferred my pannier rack, lights and handlebar bag from the old bike and have begun working out with it. Tuesday I headed out from my San Jose house on a 25-mile trip down the Almaden Valley to the town of New Almaden, up Hicks Road behind Almaden-Quicksilver Park and then down Hicks to its junction with Camden Road and back to my house. The trek involves a 1000 foot climb and took me three hours. The bike is wonderful at allowing me to travel about 5 mph faster, on reasonably level ground, with the same pedaling effort. On 10-20% grades it’s no help whatsoever, it’s the same old trudge.

Wednesday, I drove up to the Hicks Road/Mt Umunhum Road junction and biked up Umunhum Road as far as you are allowed, about 3 miles of distance and 1500 feet of elevation gain. Tough. Only took 90 minutes but the climb was done at an average of 2.0 to 3.0 mph. Whew.

I’m also working myself through the “Bike Trip Checklist” (listed below), but there are few checkmarks as yet.

Camera (Sony NEX-5) or Olympus Pen E-PL1 or 2& or Panasonic DMC GF-1
Bikeshorts 3ea
Underpants 3ea
Socks 3 ea
GPS Watch
Gallon Water Bladders
Spare tubes
Gotorade & non-sugar stuff
Dried fruit
Hats (baseball, sun & cold)
Fix a flat gunk
Money & credit cards
Spare tire 1/2
Cotton for finding nails in tires
Webbing to elevate bike in tree
Tire repair material-Tyvek from FedEx pkg or section of wall of tire

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