Pennslyvania Transcontinental Bike Trip

Down Day in Bedford

Bedford, Pennsylvania rings a bell with me, but I can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s the hometown of some sports figure or movie star or just possibly something famous happened here. So far I haven’t had the energy to Google it.
– We’re spending a quiet Sunday here because I have some, ahem, groin distress. I believe the term is chaffing. All told I’ve been in the saddle 12 days without a break, and as a result, my “tropical” area is beginning to feel the “heat.”

– We’re back in PA because it’s the most direct way to visit family in central Ohio. We’re in Bedford because to head directly to the next point west, Somerset, PA, would have required multiple 2500 foot ascents, and we just didn’t feel like it. By detouring through Bedford we got plenty of climbing, but not of the ridiculous variety, technically known as “multiple high amplitude PUDS” (or pointless ups and downs.)
– So back to Bedford. The settlement and its 2999 occupants really comprise two towns in one. There’s the old village dating back to the early 1800’s with a well-bricked, nicely preserved town center. Then there’s the 21st century version a few miles away complete with Walmart and REI distribution centers, name brand hotels like Hilton and Marriott and a string of restaurants both national and local. Then there’s the two interstate highways, 70 & 99, the raison d’etre for the 21st century Bedford.
– By midday Sunday, we have sampled both towns. Meandering through old town yesterday we found a confectioner featuring Hershey’s ice cream. Three scoops of peanut butter chocolate later, we headed to new-town and our hotel. A soak in the hot tub was followed by dinner at Denny’s.