New England Bike Trip

We’re Getting There

The Nashua River at Sunset

Mike had just come back from a business trip to Frankfurt, Germany when we met up in New York for our New England bike ride. And he brought with him an uninvited guest: some kind of Medieval Bubonic Plague. And now he’s successfully passed it on to me. @#$%&*#

Notwithstanding our infirmities, we’ve been doing quite well. In the last two days we’ve covered 104 miles, climbed 3100 feet of elevation, and in the process, logged 9 hours and 30 minutes of saddle time as we traveled from Worcester, MA to Nashua, NH and then on to Dover, NH. Today, Thursday, a few miles after we begin, we’ll be entering Maine, our last state. We have transited New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and now New Hampshire.

Not much more for now, but one timing note. I offer my apologies for using “today” and “tomorrow” rather indiscriminately in my write-ups. I usually put my thoughts down in the evening and then formalize them in the morning. “Today” when I write in the evening, is really “yesterday” in the morning when I publish the blog. In the future I’ll try to use days of the week to be more specific. Again, sorry for any confusion.

For those interested, our Strava links for the last two days are:

To be continued

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