Car Shuttle Transcontinental Bike Trip

Westward from Ohio

“New Mexico’s not gonna work.”

“Why?” Mike asked.

“Way too far between motels, altitude’s gonna screw up our daily mileage until we get used to it and it’s too far between motels. Like sometimes a hundred miles or more.”

“Okay, then ‘what’s the plan Dan?'”

“Start in Salt Lake. Same distance to LA, beautiful Wasach Mountains and motels every 30 miles or so.”


“Just gotta change the destination on the rental car. We can still hit the road Saturday.”

So off we go on round two, the western segment of our ride. We hope to bookend the country by pedaling another 700-mile-leg INTO Los Angeles, to compliment the first OUT OF New York. With a big gap in the middle, we will have then connected the country’s two biggest cities. Later, when we have more time of course, we’ll get around to filling in the gap.

To be continued.

Below is a picture of Mike at rest.