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A Night in Kansas City

I left Kansas City almost 50 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. At the time I couldn’t get out fast enough, and fortunately for readers, the space limits of this blog prevent discussing those details. 

Kansas City is actually a very pleasant place. It has broad, landscaped boulevards, expansive parks and liveabile neighborhoods. It also has the requisite skyscrapers, major league sports teams and educational institutions to help explain its position as the home of several million souls, 

Mike and i drove in late last night off a darkened Interstate 70, into a city with an oasis-like appearance. Earlier we had passed through Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis and St Louis, but somehow this place seemed different. More vibrant, even at midnight.  

This morning we drove from the darkened hotel garage into a sun-drenched Sunday. We were staying in the Country Club Plaza district which is an elegant, Spanish-themed shopping and dining area with fountains, pedestrian promenades and meandering creeks. Beautiful people mingled with both punkers and stroller-pushing families in a scene portraying mutual acceptance.   

Eventually I got around to the question, “What exactly did I have against Kansas City?” Nothing really I answered, except that I didn’t live there anymore. And that wasn’t going to change.

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The other Mike
The other Mike
13 years ago

Pat & I are happy that you two are in the groove so quickly! Good mileage today! Happy trails!!!